Get Body Ready for the Summer

Exclusive savings on body treatments plus additional online only sales for skin tightening, "eye lifts", vascular reduction, and erectile dysfunction.  This promotion is valid 4/19/2022 - 6/30/2022.

With Summer around the corner, we thought of all the people who will want to get their bodies in shape for the coming season.  Most aesthetic treatments take some time to produce their full results, so now is the time to act to get your results ready for the Summer!

Lose Stubborn Fat with CoolSculpting

-FREE Shockwave upgrade + $250 in gift certificates to the local business of your choice* or 50% off select packages.

Choose the #1 FDA cleared minimally invasive fat loss treatment and receive complimentary shockwave treatments to increase comfort, boost results, and reduce risks of side effects**

When you purchase a CoolSculpting package before July, not only will you receive a free shockwave upgrade, but you will also receive your choice of a $250 gift certificate to the participating local business of your choice, or 50% OFF packages of 8 or more cycles.

Turbocharge Your Muscle Tone

Kickstart your muscle toning before Summer with savings on Body Tone:

Receive a series of 8 treatments to increase muscle tone to prep for the Summer.  With this special you can choose:

1 body area package: $1,400
2 body areas package: $2,000***

Tighten Loose Skin

Choose between TempSure Firm or RF Microneedling specials to tighten up loose skin or reduce the appearance of cellulite. You can set up a free consultation to discuss which treatment option may best suit your needs.

TempSure Firm Special:

Series of 8 treatments to tighten skin and/or reduce the appearance of cellulite. Most people find TempSure Firm to be a relaxing treatment to tighten loose skin with short office visits.  With this package you can choose:

1 body area package: $2,800
2 body areas package: $4,000***
3 body areas package: $5,000***

RF MicroNeedling Special:

Series of 3 treatments to tighten skin, reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles, stretch marks and some scars.  RF Microneedling has a little more recovery time than TempSure, but less total visits may be needed to achieve comparable results.  With this package you can choose:

1 body area package: $1,500
2 body areas package: $2,250***

Reduce Facial Wrinkles

-$250 in FREE Neuromodulators From Vibe Aesthetics With An RF MicroNeedling Face Treatment

Use RF MicroNeedling to help tighten/lift the skin on your face, reducing current lines and wrinkles; and receive $250 in complimentary Xeomin or Dysportfrom Vibe Aesthetics to help reduce the development of future lines and wrinkles.


Reduce Sagging Skin Around The Eyes

"Eye Lift" TempSure Envi package of 7 focused treatments: $1950

A focused TempSure Envi treatment with additional treatment time to each eye can help provide a lift to drooping skin around the eye, and has helped many of our patients with dry eye syndrome.  

50% OFF Nd YAG Vascular Reduction

See if you are a candidate for spider vein reduction with our Nd YAG and receive 50% OFF your vascular reduction treatment.

Erectile Dysfunction Got You Down?

Using Extra Corporeal Shockwave therapy, our Z Wave Q may help to reduce erectile dysfunction.  We have received rave reviews on this treatment so far!

Most patients find that the treatment has only minimal discomfort. ECSW helps to increase blood flow, generate new vascular developement, and reduce blockages in current blood flow.  For optimal results we suggest two treatments a week for three weeks, a 2-3 week break, and then a second round of 2 treatments per week for three weeks.

Package of 12 Z Wave Q treatments for Erectile Dysfunction:  $2,500

We hope to see you all this Spring, if not have fun out there!
Welcome to a New Day!

Specials not valid with other offers or promotions.  See your specialist at New Day Aesthetic Medicine for full details.
*To qualify for $250 gift certificate to participating local business of your choice you must purchase a CoolSculpting package valued at $1,500 or more.
**These statements not cleared by FDA but based on clinical experience and research studies.
***To qualify for additional discounts on multiple body areas, body areas selected must have treatments performed at same visit.

We would like to thank the local businesses participating in our gift certificate referral promotion.  $250 in gift certificates with qualifying package purchases are available for:

-Vibe Aesthetics

-Discover Bicycles

-Chemistry Jewelry

-Sunshine Wines

-Subi Salon

-HiLights Salon and Day Spa

-Hood River Stationers

-Dream Street Boutique

-Volcanic Bottle Shoppe

-Radiant You Skin Care

-Roots Hair Salon

-Pure Gorge Cleaning

-Hood Crest Winery

-Drip River IV