Dr Eric Jorgenson started providing massage/manual therapy services with Holistic Massage of Hood River in 2015. During the coronavirus pandemic, Dr Jorgenson will be offering his services through New Day Aesthetic Medicine and its parent company Oregon Center for Optimal Health.

We are in the process of updating insurance credentialing so that we may be able to bill insurance for most of our patients.  At this time we will initially only be able to bill motor vehicle accident claims, and take time of service (non-insurance) payments.  As we are limited in our insurance billing at this time, we are temporarily reducing our time of service pricing to: $80/ 30 min, $120/ 60 min, $160/ 90 min (our standard time of service prices have been $150/hr).  Once we are able to expand credentialing, we will return our time of service back to $150/hr.

We do ask that people not book if they have had a new cough, fever, respiratory distress, or known contact with someone confirmed with COVID-19.  For the protection of our providers and patients, we will be using increased personal protective equipment including respirator masks while seeing patients.  We have also increased sterilization processes around our office, do not share a waiting room, and maintain increased social distancing while greeting patients.

We will be seeing massage patients through our New Day entrance which faces the parking lot.  We are by appointment only, and we keep our entrance locked when not expecting a client.  

Our services can be booked online via the link below, or by calling 833 639 3291.

Please let us know if you have any questions, we are available by call or text at 833 639 3291.  We do not have front desk staff, so if we are unable to answer it usually means we are with a patient and will respond to your call when we become available.