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Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp.  Keravive from HydraFacial provides a deep clean for your scalp, and infuses it with peptides and growth factors to help stimulate hair follicles.  Dr Jorgenson and his team at New Day Aesthetic Medicine are the exclusive providers of Keravive in the Gorge.  Book your treatment today!

Keravive Q & A

What happens during a Keravive treatment?

First, we assess if there are areas of concern on the scalp where we will concentrate the treatment.  After planning out the treatment area, we start with a deep cleanse using our HydraFacial exfoliation tip and HydraFacial beta-HD serum.  Then we follow up by infusing two vials of concentrated Keravive treatment into the scalp using the special Keravive HydraFacial tip.  After the treatment you receive a free bottle of a Keravive take home serum to continue the benefits to your scalp and hair between treatments.

How can Keravive help me?

Keravive can help to cleans your scalp, and provide growth factors to stimulate hair follicles.  It is a popular treatment for people with thinning hair, but can be used to clean and nourish anyones scalp.

How frequently should I get a Keravive treatment?

Dr. Jorgenson usually recommends starting with a package of three Keravive treatments, spaced one month apart.  After the three initial visits patients may want to come in for upkeep every 3-6 months.

What should I do to prepare for a Keravive treatment?

Patients should arrive to the appointment with freshly cleaned and dry hair.

Is there anything I can do to maintain the benefits of Keravive between treatments?

Every Keravive treatment comes with a take home Keravive serum to continue the nourishing benefits to your scalp.  The take home serum can be purchased separately if you would like to maintain the treatment after the initial package of treatments has been completed. 

If you want the best scalp health of your life, you can get it with Keravive by HydraFacial at New Day Aesthetic Medicine.